Are you solving the right problems?

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Are you solving the right problems?

Have you ever wondered are you solving the right problems?

Over the past few weeks, I've had some interesting conversations with leaders who are facing challenging new situations and wondering how to get them resolved. From my conversations, I sense these leaders are feeling like they're at a crossroads.

There's a lot on their shoulders as their organizations work through the next phase of what their work will look like, how they'll evolve their culture and lead virtually or in a hybrid model.    

And while the temptation to rush to find a solution runs high in many organizations (I mean, seriously, who wants a big hairy problem hanging over their head?), what the leaders I'm talking to are working through doesn't have one "right" answer. In fact, many are grappling with figuring out the right problem to solve.  

Here's a sampling of what I heard:

  • "We realize that our short-term fix is becoming our long-term solution. And while we were willing to do this for a few months, it's not going to cut it anymore." 
  • "We've had to weather so many changes. And now, I realize I need to build a learning culture across my entire organization, so my people have the resilience to more easily adapt to even more change ahead."
  • "We want to get our leaders together to have a conversation about what it means to lead virtually."
  • "Our organization has decided to go remote – so we need to re-envision what effective work looks like when we rely on each other to get the job done – and if my people aren't involved in figuring this out, I know they won't buy-in." 
  • "We've got this great tool to help our team, but I don't have the time to implement it." 
  • "Change is hard for our people and our executives. It's been challenging to get them to not revert to old ways and have the flexibility to look at a completely new operating model. We need to implement this with different options for different areas - it's not a one-size-fits-all proposition."

Navigating change at the crossroads

What I noticed about the conversations I'm having is that these leaders are coming from a new place of awareness - that what they did before won't serve them going forward. That they really do need to figure out and create a new way of working.  

The world is changing at an unusual pace. There is more complexity in the situations we're dealing with, and many of us find ourselves consistently in new territory.

Do you find you're at a crossroads?

Are you tired of the burden of figuring everything out yourself?

Do you need help tackling a new problem? 

While I won't claim to know what you should do, I know that when we're dealing with these kinds of challenges, solving problems is not a solo act. You do it better with collaboration and a structured process for creative problem-solving.

If you need help figuring out your next steps, schedule a complimentary consultation call.

Book a consultation call

I'll listen to what you're working through and help you find a strategy for moving forward. 

In addition to tools and training to help you and your team achieve more than you ever thought possible, we offer a full suite of virtually-delivered services that help you pinpoint the right challenge to solve and find innovative solutions that set you up for success including:


About BridgePoint Effect

BridgePoint Effect is a boutique consulting firm with a bold vision to transform the way leaders and their teams collaborate, innovate, and deliver outstanding results.

We help frustrated leaders who know their teams can achieve more. 

We offer a framework, practical toolkit and high calibre coaching that gives you the structure, skills and support needed to build an effective team.

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