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As we’ve had a number of inquiries about our Taking the Risk Out of Innovation course, we made a short video that shows the course content and experience, and we filmed the video from a participant’s point of view.



Taking the Risk on Innovation is a highly interactive workshop where participants examine their relationship to risk-taking in innovation. Participants begin to envision risk-taking as an opportunity for concrete experimentation, and understand how learning from failure can become their bridge to success.

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In the video, the participant reflects on the process used during the workshop and why learning about risk and failure was integral to his work.


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You also get a peek at the exciting Stormz digital facilitation technology that we use to improve engagement and collaboration, and inspire participants to put forth their best ideas. And you’ll see me in action as a facilitator, along with our team member Ginny Santos. Stormz is leading edge technology, and, believe it or not, Ginny and I are two of only five trained Stormz facilitators in Canada. If you’d like to know more about it, give me a shout.

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BridgePoint Effect is committed to changing the conversation that organizations have around risking and learning from failure in innovation and to providing creative thinking tools to change how our clients deal with the risks that naturally come with innovation.

To learn more about how we can help your organization change the conversation you’re having about risking and learning from failure in innovation, watch our video—it’s only 70 seconds long!

Book a strategy call to give you clarity on your next steps.

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